We want your stay at The Back Door Inn to be relaxing and comfortable for you and so we offer these accommodations:
Room One
$75.00 per night 
This cozy room has two full-size beds a closet, complete with a enclosed shadow box with a real racoon scene. I call it the "Wilderness room" and it is my largest, roomiest room.  
Room Two
$75.00 per night
This room also has two full-sized beds. It too is roomy and is set up as a "livery stable" with a rustic barn wood wall. I have a few changes to make to this room in time but it is ready to help you enjoy a comfortable nights sleep as it is.   
 Room 3
$55.00 per night
This room is my smallest room with a twin bed and artificial fireplace. It is what I call the "Texas room".
Room 4
$65.00 per night
This room is set up as a "fishing room" complete with fishing net. It has a queen-sized bed made of mesquite wood by a man here in Spur.
Room 5
$65.00 per night 
This room is a large room with two twin beds. Very homey feeling and elegant.
 Each room with the exception of room 3 is priced for two people, $7.50 for each additional person, children under 13 stay free with their parents
Rooms and Rates